Friday, March 8, 2013

Nano Silver market will grow at 30% CAGR over the next four years ending 2015

Nanomaterials have enormous potential and are slated as materials for the future technologies. There are several specific type of nanomaterials already developed in the marketplace and Nano Silver is one such material which has the potential to be used across various industries. Relatively increased chemical reactivity and quantum effects are expected to make Nanomaterials more cost effective products in the medium term. We are proud to present the readers with the first research on the nano materials subject. Versatile applications combined with cost effective manufacturing method makes nano silver , a product of the future. Despite enormous potential, nano silver remains unknown to most of the global producers and hence the product could not live up to its true potential. In this report, we have attempted to uncover some of the characteristics , features and benefits of this revolutionary product which can help change the prospects of most of the industries. Emerging applications show tremendous growth potential in use of Nano Silver in medicine and as conductive, in solar cells and food packaging. It is expected that the market for Nano Silver market will grow at 30% CAGR over the next four years ending 2015.

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